Thursday, February 11, 2016

Marine Layer, Or "It kind of feels like June"

I even felt a distinct mist fall on my arm in the Trader Joe's lot this afternoon.  I can see the marine layer filling the bay as I type.  It was warmer feeling today.  Especially early, before this high fog filled in.  So, I guess it does not really feel like summer, as it was sunny early, and the breeze is not blowing it out.  Rather on.  Anyway, The Eddie was called off, so this swell arriving might not be so massive.  just regular massive.  Should be a good show tomorrow up off of Half Moon Bay.  Winds are a bit stronger out of the NW in the afternoon than I would think ideal.  Just makes it a bit meaner I guess.  Town should have some size tomorrow.  Again a High Surf Advisory has been issued.  Go check out the new West Cliff sidewalk blow hole.  Just from a safe distance.

Fog could be thick in spots Friday morning.  Low about 50F, and an afternoon high about 70F.  Fog burns off early I suppose, but that depends much on the breeze.  Which looks light.  Less fog by the weekend, but pretty much the same dealio.  Then it gets warm for Washington's Birthday (or Monday).  We are still looking for significant cooling and some lighter rain for Wednesday or later in the week.

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