Monday, February 1, 2016

Something special this sunrise is.

What an absolutely stunning morning on the Monterey Bay.  Today will be blustery, cool and fair.  Ample sun.  Ample chill.  Did you feel it arrive yesterday.  Along the backs of gusts.  It is a bit calmer this morning near shore, but there are still some brisk winds out to sea and along ridge tops.  Expect it to pick up a bit in town with the day, although, not as brisk as yesterday afternoon.  This air mass came in strong.  The attempt to over ride it with a quick low pressure punch looks a bit more likely this morning.  We could be seeing some showery weather on Tuesday, as this systems rides the coast.  Nothing epic, but not a dry sunshiny day.  Timing looks like mid-day through evening.  Total accumulations less than two tenths of a inch.   After that it looks like it go dry.  At least most likely.  It is El Nino, and you can rarely predict when you have an undercut coming that can knock you out.

Yesterday was a big rain and snow day in Southern California and along the east slope of the Sierra Nevada.  It is 37F currently in Ontario, California.  For those who do not know, Ontario is west of L.A., and not at elevation.  It is just cold in the valley there.  It is colder atop the Palm Springs Tram, registering at 14F.  Bakersfield received nearly an inch of rain.  Santa Barbara a bit less.  Reports above one inch and up to three in mountain locations.  We will need to see how this settles out and get a sense of the degree of the drought.  And while the next week looks dry, we could see storms returning early than expected.  Stay prepared.  More rain is very likely on the way.  The outlook for March is almost scary wet.  Good thing long term views are usually useless.

I'm turning in my computer to the techs for a few days.  Hope to post again by Thursday, but that will depend upon finding another keyboard.  After another day of clouds and maybe showers, we return to sun and warming.  Mid to upper 60s by Saturday.

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