Friday, February 12, 2016


That is right folks. 0.22% of the state is no longer even abnormally dry.  Over 5% is out of drought (as in just abnormally dry).  This is good news folks.  Not great.  Just good, as we slowly move toward a more normally moist state.  Let us hope that we see a return to the weather we had through December and January.  This sunshine is starting to get boring.  For now, we need to endure it for at least another five or six days.

Congratulations to local Nic Lamb on winning the Titans of Mavericks.  Surf is up the next few days, but NW breezes will cross it up.  Still looks like we are on track for a toasty Monday and some rain by Wednesday night.  More to come.  Enjoy this spectacular weather.

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