Friday, March 4, 2016

Night Rains.

Ooops - never published this the other day.  Read in conjunction with today's post below...

I'm going to up the fore cast to two tenth of an inch of rain here in town overnight.  Rain could linger a bit into the morning, but it looks kind of dry by Friday afternoon.  It felt kind of warm around 1PM today, with the sun breaking through the thin clouds.  The ceiling has gotten thicker, and lower,  and that sun is going down.  It won't be cold tonight, due to that thick cloud cover.  Rain looks likely in the hours around midnight.  Friday will be another warm one, as the cold air mass will still be well north.  We see another round Friday night, beginning around midnight, with heavy rain fall through about 6AM.  We could see a quarter inch of rain fall in that period.  With light rain and showers through mid day Saturday.  By night fall, we the third over night storm.  This one will carry a wallop.

Rain will begin to fill back in around night fall on Saturday and build to a crescendo after midnight.  The coastal bulls eye for this one will well south of here, south of the community of Big Sur.  They will be expecting four or more inches of rain.  We are looking at one in a quarter to one in a half, with more in mountain pockets.  Have your erosion controls ready by then.  Hell, you should have them ready now.  Anyway, this system will shift further south on Sunday, ushering in colder air.  Rain will continue, but will be much lighter and more showery.  High in the low 60s Sunday, with overnight lows dropping below 50F for Monday morning.  We will have another wave of rain on Sunday night.  This one is looking milder, with rain falling after midnight mostly.  Maybe a half inch.

Monday night we take off.  No rain.  Bet it will feel wet out.  Winter is back folks.  And not just for the weekend.  She has the whole week planned out for you.  We just are not sure how it will all play out.  GFS is keeping things north of us until the weekend.  Could make for some nice sunny days.  Or, that could be a mistake, and we get pounded.  Regardless, every models has us getting hit pretty hard next Saturday.

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