Friday, March 4, 2016

So far, so good.

We received .17" of rain thus far here on the west side.  Still, we have a pretty significant forecast shift.  Strongest system looks like it will be Sunday night.  Not Saturday.  The Saturday night storm still looks solid.  Sunday night looks solid plus.  We get the coastal bullseye of an inch plus, from Marin down through Big Sur.  This does not look like just locally high amounts of precipitation, but rather regionally high totals.  That will equate to a lot of run off.  After the three progressive storms before it, the ground will be well wetted, and small stream and urban flooding looks likely.  Also expect winds over the next few stormy nights.  Rain tonight.  Briefly heavy.  Between a quarter and half inch locally.

Brian drops in near Red Lake Peak on Carson Pass.  President's Day, 2016.

Still expecting cooler weather Sunday into Monday.  Not quite cold.  We could see a break Tuesday and Wednesday, with more storms for Thurs-Fri and the weekend and coming week.  Get ready.

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