Thursday, March 24, 2016


Spring has done it.  We are not done with rain, but in other parts of the world, spring is known for showers.  And flowers.  We tend to think of rain as a winter event and flowers, well, those happen all year.  Anyway, a gorgeous day brewing out there today.  I recorded 73F in my sunny concrete driveway yesterday afternoon.  Pretty much recorded high 60s elsewhere in town.  More of the same for today.  The evening should be nice with the late day sunshine.  Similar on Friday.  It might be even warmer on Saturday.  Then on Sunday, a cold front arrives.  Day time temps will be a touch cooler, but we will really feel it after dark, as the night time lows again drop into the mid 40s.  Kind of like last Monday morning.

Corn is the call.  Or protected north facing coolies holding winter snow.

There is a large, cut off low coming out of the north, as our local high pressure retrogrades out to sea.  This will allow for late season arctic air to move south.  Right now the details are hard to see, but this system will be effecting the state all of next week.  It has very little water with it.  Although, if the high pushes further west, the low may be able to pick up water off the ocean.  That would change things.  Currently, we see chances for showers early next work week, lasting through the week.  Right now the models suggest that Thursday would be the heaviest chance for rain in Santa Cruz.  More to come.  It is spring.  Who knows what this thing will do.  It could even completely miss us if the high stays centered.

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