Tuesday, March 8, 2016

More rain a coming.

Apologies.  I ventured to the snow, where there is no internet, and then left my computer there.  Now I am catching up with a post.  There is drizzle out there tonight. About a three and a third inches of rain fell in Santa Cruz over the weekend.  Not a bad bump.  And we are looking at perhaps another three inches in the week ahead.  NorCal looks like it is gonna git walloped.  Bullseye of 12-15" over the next seven days around Shasta.  For now, we see light drizzle in Santa Cruz this evening.  We accumulated a tenth of an inch so far.  We see a chance of rain on Wednesday.  A pretty decent chance for light showers.  It will be a bit warmer in the low 60s.  Thursday looks like we see an increased chance for showers, especially later in the day.  It will be a bit warmer again in the mid 60s.  That warmth is ahead of the next system that looks like it will hit Thursday night into Friday.

We could see about an inch of rain from Thursday night through Saturday morning.  We could see a bit of a break on Saturday with colder air in place, keeping the high in the 50s.  By night time, a wave just to our north may drop south and bring a half inch or so over night.  Sunday looks showery ahead of the next system Sunday night.  This again looks to bring a half inch.  Even colder air in place Monday, with continued showers.  Showery weather continues through mid week, then perhaps a few days's break.  Winter is going out with a bang.

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