Friday, March 18, 2016

Winter ain't over yet.

Actually, today kind of feels like a June morning, with a slate grey sky and sea.  It was cool early this morning.  Nothing like yesterday's warmth.  That felt like summer some where not along the coastal bluffs.  As we move into the weekend, we see the arrival of a change in weather.  Cool today.  Cloud cover is kind of fog cover, and will likely burn off a bit through mid day.  Still, with lack of real warming through the first part of the day, we will top out in the low 60s today.  And the rain is on the way.  At least I think.

The Emerald Bay Chutes.  Lake Tahoe, California.

Saturday will be slightly warmer, due to cloud cover overnight, and a southerly flow developing in from of the storm.  Mid 60s, with plenty of clouds.  By Sunday the rain systems begin to push in from the northwest.  There is some disagreement with the models, but it looks like we will see some sort of rain event.  The GFS has us getting wet starting Sunday, with light accumulations.  More of a general regional misting event during the day.  We could see stronger rain showers overnight on Sunday, and again on Monday night.  Tuesday will be a transition and drying day.  Even though it is mid day on Friday, it is hard making a guess as to how significant the rain fall will be.  Again, the GFS.  It is the wettest, and suggests about a half inch total in town.  Perhaps a bit more, especially along the southerly facing hillier parts of town.  Still, not a whole lot.  We are along the southern fringe of the system.  Of what we do get, it looks like Monday evening will be the wettest of the period.

This system is pretty good news for the areas north of us.  They are looking at wide swaths of area collecting rain measured in several to many inches.  Not so great to the south where nothing is forecast.  After this system, the weather looks clear for several days.  Storm details hopefully some time tomorrow.  And a look at next week.  Enjoy this one.  Who know what more will come.  I'm hopeful for a wet April, but around this time of the season, you need to get out and stomp in some puddles before spring fully sets in.

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