Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Sprinkle was Had.

Today is fairly cloudy.  And humid.  We did receive a sprinkle last night.  One to two one hundredths of an inch.  Really just a sprinkle.  A touch more than a misting.  That was pretty much the case for locations not at elevations.  A few spots in the Santa Cruz mountains are reporting between five and eight one hundredths of an inch.  A light shower they must have had.  And more is on the way.

It is looking less active out there today, but rain persists north of I80.  St Helena received over 3", Shasta Dam 2", Blue Canyon 1.25", Mill Valley .4", with many places posting near an inch on NorCal, and some select locations more than 4 inches.  None of that really made it this far south, and while we see a chance of light rain to persist through tonight, I doubt at this point that we will reach that half inch forecast.  That being said, the Friday storm is really stacking up nicely to give us a wallop.  About that in a second.  Clouds today.  Pack a light rain coat just in case if you don't want to get caught in a shower.  Wednesday is looking like it will be a break, with some sunshine.  It will be cool though (low 60s), as this system will deposit a touch of cold air before dissipating.

Thursday will warm right back up as a strong system sags south just off shore pulling in warm air from the Southwest.  We might hit 70F; it also might be raining.  Get out and enjoy it.  Warm rain is not common around here.  I think the day will actually begin to feel a little muggy, as warmth and humidity increase before the rain.  Cool stuff.  Friday won't have that problem, as the rain will be falling by then and temps will drop back down into the mid 60s.  The weekend will be cooler as the storm moves ashore, followed closely by another.  Again, more to come.

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