Friday, October 14, 2016

It is raining.

Well, last night I decided to go to sleep instead of posting up.  Figured I wait till morning.  And now it is raining.  Four one hundredths of an inch so far on the west side of town.  Plenty more to come.  A quick look at the radar suggests this is just wrapping off the storm and into the local hillsides.  The main part of the system is still well north with the first heavy bands currently near Point Reyes.  Expect fair amount of rain today.  In the Santa Cruz mountains totals could exceed an inch by Saturday morning.  The heaviest rain will come through late morning to mid day and last through evening.  By the early morning hours on Saturday, we should see a break in the precip.  Clouds persist.  High in the upper 60s today.  Rain pushes as far south as Big Sur, with about an inch expected there this evening.  The northern portion of the state is going to get walloped with water and upper elevation snow.

The fall surf season is in full swing.  

It looks like most of the daylight portion of Saturday will be cloudy, but not raining.  Rain will fill in later, and mostly to our north.  Still, expect some possible evening showers, with rain coming after midnight and filling in through Sunday morning.  It looks fairly wet on Sunday through the day, with the heaviest precip currently forecast for the afternoon.  All of that should be east of us by Monday, and high pressure begins to fill back in.

Two more things.  Big swell turning huge over the weekend.  Strong south winds on it now tearing it to bits.  Be careful when approaching the ocean this weekend and maybe give your health a chance and sit it out.  Bacteria levels are likely to be off the hook when the lagoons release due to all the rain.  And second, it still looks like we get hot again next week.  Oh yeah.

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