Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rain is a Coming.

Fun moderate swell the past few days.  Calm conditions were a plus.  This cool foggy weather will soon turn to cool wet weather.  Thursday should be similiar to the past few days.  Rain moves slowly down the coast Friday.  Commuters be ready.  The first rains pull out the oils and slick the road.  Rain arrive overnight for the city (that is SF), and moves south through the morning.  We should not be surprised by light rain before noon here in town, but the bulk looks to arrive in the early afternoon hours, tapering into the evening.  Like a half an inch or so.  Saturday morning we could escape showers, but another wave is expected for Saturday evening.  A third on Sunday evening might be deflected to our north.   And the forth on Monday evening will most certainly, as high pressure sets in.  We could see temps as warm as 80F by the middle of next week.  Love this place.

I'll try to get a better look at how much, when and where, but for now plan for a wet weekend in Santa Cruz.  The mornings look like the best bet to get outside.  Or just get out them wellies and slickers and go a stomping.  Surf looks to really pick up this weekend, with some XXL stuff possible for Sunday/Monday.  Conditions looks questionable at this point, and possibly stormy.  Be careful if you are going out.  And consider run-off.  More tomorrow.

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