Monday, October 17, 2016

Clearing and Warmer. Then Hot(ish).

No new rain overnight on the westside.  Nearly two inches feel since Friday morning.  That is an excellent start to the water year for town.  NorCal did very well with this storm.  Happy Valley, just down the road, received 3.9 inches of rain.  Lompico, in the Santa Cruz mountains, topped over five inches of precip.   And the Sierra got a lot as well.  While I have not checked gauges around there, it mostly fell as rain.  But Sunday afternoon the freezing level began to drop and snow fell down to at least the Judah base at Sugarbowl.  Just about a few inches there.  Enough to make things look pretty.  Still waiting on reports, but there could be a foot or more of snow above 8000 feet, and about 9200 feet there might be a significant base.  Too bad most resorts top out below 9k.  Guess we still need to wait for ski season to begin.

An inch plus at 6900'

Weather makes a turn toward sun and warmth this week.  It is going to be so very different than this past weekend.  This morning starts damp, but the cloud ceiling is already higher, lifting and thinning.  The sun should be out in earnest by afternoon, and as it warms the earth, water vapor will mist off the land.  Creeks and outflows are running.  Waterfalls might be going through today.  As we dry up, the water flows will slow, or stop.  So get it while good.  We are headed to the Pogonip this afternoon to do some stomping.  High of about 68F today.  Sun through the weekend.  A bit warmer Tuesday, then upper 70s on Wednesday and mid 80s Thursday and Friday.  Then we will begin a cooling trend starting on Saturday. Though, it will still be a very nice weekend.

Waiting for some more clean surf...

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