Sunday, October 23, 2016

October to Finish off Wet.

Yup.  That is the word on the street.  You must of seen those clouds fill in this morning.  Felt like it was going to rain almost.  Moisture is streaming overhead, pushed south by a moderate low pressure system bringing rain to the PNW.  Clouds are gorgeous out there tonight. Combined with the low sun angle, sunset season is starting up.  Moderate cloud cover will keep things warm tonight, with a low in the upper 50s.  Tomorrow looks like today (Sunday), low to mid 60s with a slight chance for some afternoon showers.  This chance of rain is looking pretty slim, as the southern edge of the storm system slowly sags southward.  NorCal should see a start to a nice long period of rain though.

Surf picked up over the past weekend.  Stormy conditions most of this week.

The week will see a slight warming trend through mid week, but high temps never escape the 60s.  Tuesday afternoon/evening there is a reasonable chance for some light showers.  Light.  And they should clear out before Wednesday morning.  Cloud cover continues to keep nights warm.  As does the fact that these storms remain off shore.  The first system weakens and dissipates on Wednesday, while the next in line begins to push southward on Thursday.  This storm also remains mostly offshore, streaming moisture and warmth in.  Oh, by the way, basically south winds all week.  Anyway, I think we rain will move in sometime on Friday.  Some models are suggesting Thursday afternoon.  Some late Friday.  It really all depends on how close it gets ashore before being south of us.  It is expected to move inland on Friday/Saturday near Santa Barbara, brings a good dose of rain to much of SoCal.  They need it.

And another is modeled to arrive late Sunday night, into Halloween.  Yes folks, it could be wet on Halloween.  Not too late to dress up as a bag of garbage.  And still way too early to tell if it is an accurate forecast.  The models suggest another brief hot of rain in early November, then a classic autumn time high setting up and diverting the storms north.  This could be setting us up for an excellent winter grow season.  Get those seeds in the ground over the next week, and seedlings in next week, after the rains.  And then let the sun and its warmth do its magic.


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