Friday, October 28, 2016

WWW.Warm, Wet and Wild.

It did feel muggy yesterday.  Not terribly uncomfortable east coast style.  Still, a little muggy before that rain.  I liked it.  Rain fell in Santa Cruz during the evening, tapering around 9PM, and then filled back in around 11PM.  It has been fairly consistent since then, but we had heavier showers around 2AM and they are happening agin now.  It is about 60F on the westside.  It will warm up a few more degrees today, but not much change.  We have nearly 3/4" already here on the west side, and the radar does not suggest a let up just yet.  A nice band of yellow and orange is coming ashore here currently.  And even stronger band seems to be hitting Marin, and earlier today the Santa Barbara/Ventura region had a strong cell impact them.

I was thinking we might get some thunder today, but it now seems like we did not entrap enough warm air.  But rain looks solid for the next hour or more.  I now expect we will break an inch here in town with this system.  Maybe even hit 1.5".  Only change in the short term is that moderate rain showers look to persist through most of the day today, subsiding over night.  Sunday's storm might move through a bit faster; so with less rain and more wind.  Speaking of winds, they should really begin to whip back up out of the south Saturday mid day.  Ultimately, this things will bring us some rain (another inch perhaps, as it is packing some moisture) but otherwise will stay north.  OTOH, there is now a storm diving south on Tuesday, bringing more rain.  And the long term now looks like a battle of the high and lows.  And this morning it looks like the high pressure is losing.  Will need to watch.  I've been looking forward to a fine stretch of weather.

Rain this weekend.  Maybe early next week.  Mid week sees storms in the PNW, but it looks like maybe we start to warm up late in the week.  But that high pressure is not going to gain its ground easily.

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