Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall Opener?

Today there will was little bit of NPAC wind swell in the the water.  Nothing impressive by local October standards.  But a little taste.  The opener is brewing out past by the dateline today.  We will have a small to moderate long period swell arriving late in the day Sunday.  Get your game ready.  We have some nice weather to enjoy on the way there.  The warming trend peaks out Friday and Saturday with temps in the low 80s.  Friday will have some moderate afternoon winds, but Saturday looks like it will be fairly calm.  Could be some awesome beach weather.

Sunday will be a touch cooler, in the mid 70s.  Next work week we see a cold front move through with temps in the low 70s Monday and upper 60s Tuesday.  A low pressure will move ashore in the PNW mid week, with a very slight chance that we could see light rain as far south as the Bay Area.  Doubt we will, but it is worth staying tuned.  At the very least, we will see cooler weather next week.

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