Friday, November 18, 2016

Another Wet Weekend.

Not as chilly out there this morning as yesterday.  42F here on the westside.  Maybe cooler actually, as Scotts Valley is mostly reporting in the 30s.  Mid 60s expected this afternoon.  And sunshine.  But by this evening we will see clouds rolling in and rainfall should begin sometime around midnight.  This is not a big storm by last October's standards, but still we can expect between a half inch and an inch of rain.  The west slope of the Sierra can expect several inches, but not much is forecast to push over the crest.  For us, here in Santa Cruz, we can expect light rain through the weekend, tapering Sunday afternoon.  Showers may be moderate at time.  It looks to me that this could still be an outside adventure weekend with the right gear.  Put on some stompers and a shell and go for a stroll in the Pogonip.  Or Lighthouse Field.  They both offer up some canopy protection.  Another options is to go run around the covered areas of the Boardwalk.  They are closed, but you can still play out there.  Then go for a bowl.

Surf should be stormy starting Saturday.  That may last for a while.  The rains back off, and Monday looks nice, but we still have some strong breezes.  They could shift from SW to NW, which would be decent for town at least.  Currently the models keep the storm mid week to our north.  Models have been flipping forecasts every run, so nothing is for sure.  Keep tuned.

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