Saturday, November 5, 2016

Going 70.

There has been a lot of water moving the past few days.  The Sidewalk has been breaking decently in the slightly overhead range.  And the weather has been beautiful.  Friday hit 80F at 20 after noon, and hung in the upper 70s to low 80s for almost 5 hours.  Ah, November.  Today was cooler.  It only hit 70F at 1PM, and dropped below 70F at 4PM, with a 40 minute peak of 78F.  It was still quite nice.

We will see a cooler day tomorrow.  There is a slight chance for some very light showers tonight and through sunrise Sunday.  Nothing to be concerned about much more than making sure your car window is rolled up.  Winds could shift S to SE overnight, going light and slack in the morning, with a light to moderate NW onshore by late afternoon.  By Monday we could be looking at early morning offshore flow.  And we should see ourselves in a run of fine November days.  Cool mornings in the low to mid 50s and mild afternoons in the low 70s.  Into the weekend.

Looking at the drought, we saw another 4% of the state move out of drought last week, with a total of 12% of the state drought free, and another 13% just Abnormally Dry.  Santa Cruz remained listed as Abnormally Dry.  There was also 5% of the state that shifted from Moderate Drought to Abnormally Dry.  So we saw pretty good improvements.  We did not see any significant shift in the portions of the state listed as being in Severe, Extreme or Exceptional Drought.  So, the parts of the state most adversely effected saw little to no relief.  At least 85% of those regions received some rainfall last week.  Currently we see only another chance for a falling apart system, like tonights, for next weekend.  As it is now, we look clear through the following weekend, with the fantasy models getting the state wet again around the holiday week.  More to come.

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