Thursday, November 17, 2016

Colder than Crisp.

At the Farmer's Market yesterday you could feel a cold wind blowing.  My purveyors at Route 1 Farms were all bundled up.  It felt like winter, but I brushed it off.  I mean how much cold air could move in.  Well, a weather gauge near Western Ave and Mission St recorded a temp of 35.6F and my trusty Walnut St gauge is recording 39.5F as the sun comes up at 6:30AM.  As you head further into town, most are recording temps in the low 40s.  As you head up the hill, things quickly drop into the upper to mid to lower 30s.  Eduardo Avenue, in Ben Lomond is currently reporting 30.5F.  That is a frost setting night for sure.

Sorry I missed how cold it was going to be.  Hopefully your house heat was ready to go.  I imagine my Padron pepper plant dropped a lot of flowers last night.  Honestly, I can;t believe how well that thing is still going.  Wish I had set up a plastic tent or a floating row cover.  Seedlings as well may have had a hard night last night.  At least I watered mine, and that is another plant defense for cold night.  Water them well.

Today will be mild as we begin to warm back up from that blast of cold air.  In the Sierra, daytime temps will not get out of the 30s, and in some place, not out of the 20s.  This will be a good period for snow making.  They are blowing at Kirkwood, and I imagine they same could be said for most locations.  Here in town we will enjoy mid 60s, light NW winds in the afternoon and another fun swell.  A little warmer and less windy on Friday.  South winds developing late.

It looks like the weened storm may arrive early and weak and splitting.  All in all, we should still see about less than an inch here in town.  No big change there yet.  Mostly, just timing.  Which would mean clearing on Sunday afternoon instead of Monday morning.  I'll post up tomorrow after the models are run today, which gets us to about 3 days out.  The big news are the storms on the horizon.  Thanksgiving is now looking like a weaker system, but the forecast for the following weekend and week looks turbulent.

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