Sunday, November 20, 2016

Light Weekend Rain.

It never dropped below 54F last night.  We can thank the cloud cover for that.  It was raining until just a bit before sunrise on Saturday.  Looking at the radar, we have at least a few hour break in the rain.  Likely we will see some sporadic showers today and not much else.  It will warm into the low 60s.  So far we have received .44 inches here on the westside.  In contrast, areas in the Santa Cruz mountains received over three and a half inches of rain since yesterday.  Suffice to say, this is orographic lift effect, meaning rainfall was increased s winds pushed up and over elevation.  It looks like Kirkwood has received a dusting.  As far as resort openings are concerned, many are looking at this week of natural and man made snow to push them over the edge.  Time will tell.

This system should clear out through this evening, with clouds lingering through Monday morning day break.  Then the sun returns.  Low 60s early in the week.  We see another chance for a brief period of rain on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.  This one should move through fast.  And we are looking at possible heavy rain starting on Black Friday and into next weekend.  This could be the one that gets the snow season started.

We still have a large portion of our state in drought.  It will be interesting to look at the next two week's reports.  I doubt we will see much of a shift this week, but we could the following with the total of both weekend systems.  Rain is our friend. The Pogonip is begging to be walked through today.

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