Saturday, November 12, 2016

Dryer Solution and Pumping Swell.

First off it is pumping out there again today.  Please be careful in or near the water.  We lost two lives this past Wednesday.  Condolences to those effected.  And please give that ocean plenty of respect.  This afternoon there are a few ten footers at Swift Street.  I am sure Middle Peak has some bigger waves.  This morning at Scotts was reported in the 12-15' range, with some bigger sets.  Many people were stoked and many were humbled.  This swell will back off through the day today and into the early part of next week dropping to head high by Tuesday, but more energy arrives that evening, bringing things back into the long period over head range.  November has been excellent for surf.

Thursday we popped into the 80s.  Kind of felt we were headed that way again around noon today, but some cloud cover came in and cooled and slowed the warming.  Currently it is 76F on the Westside.  Not too shabby for mid November.  Expect more of the same tomorrow.  Highs ranging from 70F to maybe 80F, depending on how much sun and wind we get.  A good bet would be on 77F.  The sky remains mostly clear, with some high level clouds, and perhaps a little marine layer tonight in areas.  Monday is about the same, but a touch cooler.  The storm that likely won't bring us any rain on Tuesday is still expected to push some colder air south.  We could see out daily highs plunge to the low to mid 60s by Wednesday.  This will also drop our night time lows into the mid to upper 40s, which will be some of the cooler nights so far this season.  I do expect some daytime warming, and highs approaching 70F toward the end of next work week, but the night time cold looks like it could hang in the upper 40s.  We are in mid autumn after all.  More to come.

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