Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Strong Finish

Last night really delivered.  It came in two squalls on the West Side.  First one hit between 10pm and 11pm and dropped well over a half inch of rain.  The second came between 4:30 and 5am and dropped well over a third of an inch.  All totaled, we received .9" last night, bringing our in town total to over 3.5".  And it is barely November.  Literally.  I'm kind of excited to look at the drought monitors after all this rain fall is tallied around the state.  Could be kind of cool.  We might get to see a drop in the 21% of the state still listed as in Exceptional Drought.  But, now, for us, we are still looking at the warming and drying trend.

I said that Monday might have a great sunrise.  It was overly clouded.  Sorry.  Today looks has potential, although the puffy clouds are hanging low on the horizon right now.  Warmer today, with sunshine.  Mid 60s.  It will likely feel much warmer than yesterday.  And Wednesday we will be warmer still.  Thursday is looking like the peak of the warm spell with temps topping out in the low 70s.  Then we begin to moderate, as the sun continues.

As I mentioned yesterday, rain continues in NorCal today, and the pattern remains active.  We will see a turn toward fair, sunny weather, but we still sizable rain systems hitting the PNW.  Any one of these could push south.  The GFS suggest one will next Sunday and bring light rain to Santa Cruz.

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