Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Sunday Storm.

It will be humid this evening with a very slight chance for showers.  More likely there will just be a misting.  Or a sprinkle.  There was a light sprinkle today about 5 miles west of town at 1:30PM.  Nothing recorded or accumulated.  Doubtful anything will tonight.  Clouds keep it warm, in the low 50s.  Today was no scorcher, with temps hanging in the upper 60s for much of the day.  Pleasant, but not quite warm.  Or barely so.  Great for outdoor activity such as hiking or gardening.  Speaking of which, this is starting out to be a great winter grow season.  I'm going to purchase my garlic for planting this week at the farmers market.  I've got my bed ready.  Also plan to plant some lettuce seeds before the rain.  Won't even bother watering them.  Boo-yah.

Slug Season

Wednesday will be cool.  With some morning clouds, and cold air moving in overnight, it will only top out in the low 60s.  Sunny, but we should see some brisk NW winds near shore through most of the day.  That won't do much to aid any kind of warming.  Thursday is a bit warmer, and a bit less windy.  But the morning will start off cool in the upper 40s.  Friday is fairer still, with temps in the upper 60s like today.  By Saturday we start to see the impacts of another rain system.

Currently it looks like rain will arrive late Saturday and last through Monday morning.  Total rainfall does not look like it will exceed one inch.  That is not a very big system, but will be great for the ground water and plant life.  Not to mention the animal life.  And a lot can change.  The forecast is for this system to stay mostly off shore.  If it pushes onshore, totals will go up drastically.

Looking out into the mid and long term, it looks like another small system for Thanksgiving, but some bigger stronger ones lining up behind it.  Storm door could be opening back up.  Oh, boy.

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