Saturday, January 14, 2017

Average, for the month.

Santa Cruz, according to weather cat, recorded 6.35 inches of rain since the first of the year.  7.42" recorded on the west side.    Our January average is 6.3 inches.  We have more storms lined up.  In 1908 we received 19.9 inches of rain for the month of January.  We are about a third of the way there, but half way through the month.  Doubt we will break that record.  Can you imagine that much water falling in just a month?  Still we will see some more water fall before the the month is out.  We are actually on track for a wetter than average water year.  The forecast was for average.  We will need to see how this all plays out.

Sunshine, and absolutely gorgeous winter weather is on tap through the rest of the weekend.  My fantasy of 60F weather does not seem like it will bear fruit.  Cold mornings dipping to the upper 30s.  A new long period swell arrives tomorrow and peaks on Monday.  Morning off shores and mid day high tides with a head high swell in town and a bit bigger out west.  Tuesday looks very similiar, but with a few more clouds and those filling in late in the day.  Wednesday we see a shift back to a wet pattern.  Timing is still uncertain, but it looks like rain arriving mid day, with a heavy quick burst over night Wednesday and lingering into Thursday morning.  A second round arrives Friday into Friday night.  Maybe some clearing into the weekend.  Will need to look at the models over the next few days and focus on the mid week part first.  GFS shows more storms for the following week, but much of those missing us to the north.

Drought numbers I shared the other day don't include the rain from last week that feel after 7AM last Tuesday.  What gets released this coming Thursday will not include the storms of next week.  Hopefully we continue to see a move in a positive direction.  Let's watch these next few weeks and see where that lands us.

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