Sunday, January 22, 2017

More to Come.

Last night we saw another inch of rain (2+ in Scotts Valley) and some strong winds.  I arrived home late after spending the day chasing after the snow.  Lots of time of the road, and lots of very deep snow to play in.  Pulling into my driveway the entire front yard of palms and bushes was swaying to and fro.  While I was awakened early this morning by a flash flood alert, the day so far is calm.  Do not be fooled. There is much more to come.  It is still raining heavily just to our south and the center of circulations is still well to our north.  We just need to wait for the next cell to arrive.  Forecast is calling for another inch to two here in Santa Cruz by mid day Monday.  Most of that falling before dark today; so plan on some more rainy weather.  And a somewhat wet Monday morning commute.

Showers potentially lingering through Tuesday morning, then high pressure to take over.  Basically, this system is to stay centered off shore, sagging to the south.  SoCal is getting hit pretty hard with this series of storms.  That means a lot of snow for the souther Sierra and other high peaks, as well as plenty of rain for the valleys.  The sun will come out in earnest by sundown on Tuesday and Wednesday looks like a beautiful day.  We need to keep an eye on Thursday as a low pressure will try to skirt to our north,  What ever happens with that, it will be short lived and we look to have a gorgeous run of weather setting up for us later in the week.

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