Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Round Two Started Up.

Rain had moved back into the Santa Cruz region in ernest.  We got about a tenth of an inch in town through the morning, but the real rain held off until about an hour ago.  Over the next few hours the rain will get heavy and overnight we should except to see another inch or more of new rain here in town.  There will be even more in the local mountains.  People, the ground is super saturated and an new rain will run along the surface.  That means erosion.  A cliff came down on a new van on Highway 17 yesterday.  Beer Creek Road has a new sink hole that could swallow the same van.  The mountain roads are dangerous.  Please give them your fullest respect.

Speaking of mountains, Kirkwood is reporting 40 inches of snow.  It is unclear if that is over night or storm total, but while we had a break last night, the storm raged in the Sierra.  Highway 88 is closed today.  For a good 40 plus mile stretch.  They do not want you out there.  The resort is closed as well.  It is very dangerous in the mountains right now.  But it looks like the sun will pop out some time Thursday and the resorts will begin unburying themselves from many feet of new snow.  This coming holiday weekend will be sunny and with mild temperatures.  Go get your schuss on.

But make it safely through this week first.  Especially you 17 commuters.  The rain should continue heavy through the early morning hours on Wednesday, but subside by mid day.  Tomorrow afternoon could be a good day to get outside and stomp (or at least get fresh air).  We see another system move through early Thursday, but it looks swift, and most of the moisture will be to our south.  That is good news and we need a break, and they need the water.

The sun should break out of the clouds late in the day Thursday.  The clear sky, and cooler air will see overnight lows drop to 40F or below.  Friday will break sunny and warm up to the upper 50s.  By MLK Day we should be hitting the low 60s.  If you are headed to the snow, expect traffic.  If you are staying in town, I strongly suggest you go view a waterfall.  By this weekend, the earth will be settling and draining.  Watch the water from a distance.  Enjoy the beauty that the rain brings us.

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