Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Warming Trend

For the first time in months we have a legitimate warming trend to report on.  We will be in the sixties this weekend.  Yipee.  For now it is cool.  Lots of frost out there this morning.  The rest of the work week will inch up through the 50s for afternoon highs with overnight lows in the mid 30s.  It bottomed out around 34F in our neighborhood last night.  Slowly warming through the low 40s as of 9AM.

Kirkwood has received 24.5 feet this month.  Not an all time record, but plenty impressive. They are still digging out the resort and will likely have the backside opening tomorrow.  As long as we don't see a strong east wind event, things are going to be skiing excellent this coming week.  Weathercat is reporting 11+ inches of rain this month for Santa Cruz.  That is a low reading, as compared to areas with elevation in the county.  We will dry out for a bit here.  Not for ten days though.  It looks like we have a chance for a nice sized system by Wednesday of next week.  We are still a week out, so no promises.  Got to keep an eye on this one, as this morning's forecast suggests a strong storm lasting two days.  At least we will dry out a bit first.

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