Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Its a Mountain Thing.

Steady rain has cleared out this morning.  Here on the west side of town we received just under 3/4" of rain last night.  A fair amount less than expected.  In Scotts Valley they totaled over 3 inches.  Last night's storm definitely dropped much more rain at elevation.  Another 36"-48" is reported at Kirkwood in the last 24 hours,  giving them six to eight feet of new snow since Sunday.  They will need time to dig out, as will much of Tahoe.

Sun, with some light showers,  through the rest of today.  It will feel warm in that sunshine.  Go out and get some.  Check your property for damage and be diligent about checking for hazards like downed trees and flooding areas.  The worst of this cycle is over, but that water still needs to work its way to the ocean and reservoirs.  Be wise, and use caution.

The ocean is a mess this morning with large stormy seas and strong westerly winds.  There is wind swell coming from the southwest, west and northwest.  River runoff is severe.  Sand bars are being created.  That water is dirty.  Best to let things settle a bit.  By this afternoon, the swell will be cleaning up a bit with the dropping tide.  We actually might be seeing some good surf starting to arrive for the holiday weekend.  And some fine weather.  More to come.  Stay safe out there.

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