Tuesday, October 16, 2012

After the rain, there is always the sun.

And man, what a sun that is.  Things are getting toasty out there today with mid 70s by mid morning already.  Could be a mini scorcher.  Mid 80s in town tomorrow and Thursday.  Mid 90s plus in the local mountains.  Pretty darned nice October weather has settled in for this week.  It really does not get any better than this.  We even see the winds blowing fairly lightly the next few afternoons with calm conditions on Thursday.  Yes, it will be nice out there.  But, alas, all things change, and things will be bit cooler by the weekend.  So get out on it mid week if you want to score a beach day.  Friday is back into the mid 60s, and we could be seeing foggy mornings on for the weekend.

Looking over the edge at West Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz.

The charts are suggesting something interesting next week, with a storm system approaching the Central Coast by Tuesday.  First, I am not feeling a whole lot of confidence in the models, but this is what we are seeing on them today.  By Sunday a low pressure begins to develop in the eastern Gulf of Alaska.  It grows in size and strength, pulling up a lot of moisture into in and then begins to move down the coast Monday.  From the looks of it today (one week out) a good size slug of moisture will fill in on the North Coast early Tuesday.  Over night rain spreads down to the Central Coast and snow into the High Sierra.  We are talking inches of rain, with over 5 inches of precipitation modeled near Tahoe.  Seriously, if temperatures cooperate, this could set an early base up there.  But chances right now are low for this solution.  I'll keep an eye on it and report back here later this week.

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