Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yes, Please, Ms. October.

OMG.  I love this month.  It just truly rules.  A little rain and snow to get the winter juices flowing and then a weekend like this.  Why would you want to be any where else in October.  Tomorrow, Sunday will see somewhere in Santa Cruz county break 80F.  I really do believe.  Today we were at 4 Mile beach just before noon and it was absolutely splendid out.  Beach weather.  Okay, maybe not, holy cow, it is so hot I need to escape the furnace and head to the beach weather, but a nice day to hang out in your shorts and get some sun rays.

First snow in the Sierra.  Route 88.

Sunday should be the peak, but we stay in the mid 70s through Tuesday.  Cooler air moves through Wednesday ahead of a storm that could bring us rain for Halloween night.  Thursday morning looks like it will start out wet, but clear again by Friday.  More on those details in a few days.  November is coming in zonal, so we could see another wet pattern for starting as early as Sunday, November 4th.  Election day may get rained out.  Lots of exciting things to watch, but for now, enjoy a little sunshine baby!

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