Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two Feet.

Yup.  That is about what is being reported so far up in the mountains.  Boreal opens Friday is all goes as planned.  That will be it for a while, as Vail has purchased KW, and we can no longer expect early opening, just because there is snow.  Anyway, they would not have yet received enough to turn the bull wheels as it is.  More is on the way.  Rain should fill into the Bay Area overnight and last through the first part of the day.  Expect showers for the morning commute.  This is not a particularly wet band, so rain will not be that hard.  In fact, we (again) could be spared the worst of it here in Santa Cruz.  Still, expect clouds, rain and cool temperatures here tomorrow.

Well weathered cypress in Lighthouse Field, Santa Cruz.

Today turned out pretty nice as the showers cleared out before sunrise.  And what a sunrise, with clouds ringing the Santa Cruz Mountains.   And while the clouds filled in for a few hours this morning, things cleared pretty well by mid day.  And it felt warm.  Got to love that California sun.  So, when will all this end?  It looks like we should see clearing across the region, starting along the coast, late in the day Wednesday.  Cool air lingers on Thursday, but with some luck, and sun, we should be in the mid 60s.  I am not thinking we will hit 70 here on the weekend, expect perhaps along the immediate coastline.  Downtown and the upper westside, though, could be toasty.

Mid term things are looking clear and sunny through Monday.  Storms continue to cruise across the Pacific, but the jet stream stays to our north, at least for a few days.  Just going to say this now folks.  It looks like there could be another storm coming in, with heavy rain.  And it could be right around the end of the month, or, as your kids call it, Halloween.  Be prepared for a wet night.  You may want to work on your contingency plan.  And this one looks a little warmer, which could spell the start of a really good base.

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