Monday, October 1, 2012

Welcome October. Ah, but pesky summer wants to hold on.

Okay, technically it is not summer holding on, but rather a fall pattern that brings summer type weather.  But until that happens, we are experiencing some of that epic October weather.  I moved to Santa Cruz during an October.  I thought I had found Heaven.  Mornings just a little crisp, to help wake you up.  But as soon as that sun begins to hit, things start to warm up, and by late morning it is toasty out along West Cliff.  Mid 80s by afternoon in town, but a sea breeze should keep things from warming up too much, and keeping the beaches cool.  I heard on national news about our above average temperatures.   It is not that warm.  No downslope action happening, but it is a nice fall day out there.  More should continue on Tuesday.

Sunny days and plenty of swell in the water.  Folks are pretty happy around town.

But that is about it for now.  Low pressure starts to approach the California coast and brings with it a damp, cool marine layer.  Tuesday will feel much colder with the high staying sub 70.  By Friday we could be looking at mid 60s.  Brrr.  Right now it looks like the coming weekend will have foggy mornings to start, with maybe sunny afternoons.  And cool.  We will look at that more later in the week.  Right now the buzz in town is the epic weather with a great SSW/NW combo lighting up the breaks in town.  It is pretty sick out there this morning and should be decent through the first half of the week.  More WNW and S swell is on the way later in the week.  Not as big, but it should be keeping it fun sized out there.

Wish I could report more on the MTB trails, but, with the surf so good, I have not seen much of them.  They should be holding up pretty nicely.  Things are nice and dry.  But that could be changing.  Some mid term models have showery weather arriving on the coast during next week.  Best chance for rain right now looks like hump day (Wednesday, duh).  Beyond that, the fantasy charts have us getting slammed with a full on winter storm October 17/18.  Not counting on that one, but it is worth monitoring this pattern.  Let us hope we get to enjoy some fall weather this year before winter comes.  I like that sunshine.

In short, get outside today and tomorrow.  Do not falter.  It is simply the best out there.  Even if you miss daylight, go look at some stars.  Better yet, take a moon lit hike.  She is up early and bright right now.  By Tuesday evening the marine layer will seep back in, and by Friday it may be pretty darned grey and wet.  Cross your fingers for a return to proper fall weather like today.

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