Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wrap it up.

First, a edit for last night's post, which I was just reading

 I am not thinking we will hit 70 here on the weekend, expect perhaps along the immediate coastline.  Downtown and the upper westside, though, could be toasty.

What I ment to say is that I did think it would hit 70 here, except for the immediate coastline.  In fact, it looks quite warm if you move up the hill just a little bit.  I'd say this is an excellent window for a hike back in the redwoods of Big Basin.  Waterfalls will be moving, the sun will be out, and it will be in the mid 70s.  Killer weather for a hike under the canopy.  Santa Cruz could see temps up to 75F, with a little luck from the mother nature.  Lord knows the sun does what it can this time of year.  Clear weather through the start of next week.  Watching for something around Halloween.  Today's run was not quite as wet, but it wasn't dry either.

That's it for now.  I'll check in by the weekend.

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