Friday, November 1, 2013

Cooler and Windy this weekend, but no Rain likely.

Today should be another winner, warming up more than even yesterday.  And while it started off pretty crisp Thursday morning, it was starting to feel like it was actually hot our by mid afternoon.  Okay, maybe not hot, but I had to take my hoody off to work in the yard, and actually found myself wishing I had put on a pair of shorts.  Great weather for wrapping up projects.  And that is exactly what you will want to be doing over the next week, as the long term is turning into the mid term and it is still suggesting a short wet period for mid month.  But first, the short term.  Today we will likely warm up to 70F in average locations in town.  My deck will be a little warmer than that, and the Costco parking lot could hit 75F.  Winds remain light with a mild sea breeze in the afternoon.  As another storm drives into the PNW during the day Saturday, north west winds are expected to really pick up and drive cold winter air across our region.  Best time for playing outside will be in the morning.  Rain looks like it will stay well north with this one, but it will be quite blustery.  Folks in Tahoe may see a dusting of snow from the trailing edge of the precipitation.

Coast Guard cruising the coast just north of town.  

Don't forget to turn back your clocks this weekend.  It might be a good night to have an extra glass of mulled wine or a thick porter.  It is going to be that kind of weather.  Even with the cold air, the over night lows remain in the mid 40s, but day time highs will be dropping.  Saturday may reach its high of 65F in very early afternoon, and then start cooling off quickly as the cold front passes.  Sunday should reach about 60F, and the winds, although a bit lighter, will still be strong.  This might be a good day to clean your gutters if you are unable to get out mid week.  The wind storm will knock done most of the loose leaves and branches, and we could be looking at rain before next weekend.

The great news is the sun should be out through most of the period.  We could see a few passing clouds late Saturday, but not too many.  The not great news is it is now November and it will take some time for the air to warm back up.  I guess that is great news if you are hoping for some early snow, but I've been loving the past few months and want to clock a few more beach days before the season ends.  Low 60s and sunshine through the first part of the week, and then some warming by Wednesday.  Thursday and Friday should see us moving back through the mid 60s and into the upper 60s.

But by Friday afternoon we see more cold air moving south and a chance of rain that could persist through the weekend.  Things are still way too far out to make any solid forecasts, but there will be an active pattern.  Likely it will be brief, but some models give us over five days of rain.  Others 36 hours.  And that could all disappear in a week's time.  But it is something to mind. Check back here, I'll keep you posted as we approach change.

3 PM EDIT:    Looks like the strongest winds will wait until Saturday evening.  The air coming with the winds are very cold.  It will be a chilly night.  You may want to test the heater or clean the chimney.   Sunday will remain blustery through the day, and things should lighten up over night Sunday.  Cloud cover looks like it will be moderate on Sunday, especially in the morning.  Sunday will be a bundle up day, or cozy around the wood stove with hot cider day.   Monday will now be the gutter cleaning day.  Rain still on the charts.  More over the weekend.

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