Friday, November 15, 2013

Hanging out on the dry side of the storms.

That is what we can expect to be happening in Santa Cruz for the next five or six days.  Anything beyond that is mostly a guess.  It is cooler today.  In fact, the cold fog bank from yesterday really kept the high temps a bit cooler yesterday, but it was fine weather just a bit up the hill.  We walked around Henry Cowell Redwood SP, and the weather was brilliant.  More sun today than yesterday, but cool breezes have already begun to impact the coast.  Breezy today out on the water.  We should top out just about 63F today.  Cooler than that over the weekend, but at least the rain looks to stay to our north.  So, in short, a wonderful, if crisp, autumn weekend is on tap.  Winds might even turn off shore on Sunday warming up the beaches a bit.

Santa Cruz Boardwalk Big Dipper.  Still open on weekends!

Highs in the low 60s, and over night lows dropping through Monday night where some low lying valleys in the local hills could see temps drop into the upper 30s.  Those clear nights do have their disadvantages.  Chilly.  Cozy up.  You may be wanting to check out that heating system in your home.  Or clean the smoke stack if you have a stove.  Still looking like a great weekend to clean those gutters.  The rain is never too far away this time of year.  Still, we keep on getting an extension on the dry weather, and the back yard work continue on our property.  Next chance for passing showers looks to be next Wednesday, but don't hold your breath.  Just check back here, and I will keep you posted.

I do want to apologize about not giving you guys a fair heads up about the great sunrise and sunset conditions we had this past week with the passing high clouds.  It is sunset season, with the sun low in the sky and clouds moving through.  Keep an eye out for those brilliant displays.  And don't forget that the Monarchs are in town.  If you don't absolutely love Santa Cruz this time of year, I just don;t understand you.  It is awesome out there right now.

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