Monday, November 4, 2013

Fair Weather for a few more days, then the Rain is Coming!

I'll start off this post by saying you better get your crap in order, cause the rain is coming.  Clean the gutters, wrap up the yard word, pick up the random stuff that has been outside all summer, and bust out the Wellies, 'cause it is gonna get wet around here.  But more on that later.  First we need to talk about the next five days or so, because they are looking pretty fine.  Tuesday will start crisp with a clear sky and daytime temps warming up to the mid to upper 60s.  Winds will be off shore in the morning, but an afternoon sea breeze should build.  Wednesday is looking like the winner this week, with a high of just about 70F, and little to light winds.  There will also be some decent swell in the water this week, so it looks like a great day to get some waves.  Thursday will be a bit cooler, but still in the mid 60s.  All in all the work week looks quite excellent.  If you are waiting for the weekend, it will at least be nice enough to clean those gutters.

There have been a lot of planes circling above.  This guy was doing loops by the lighthouse.

Another Pacific storm runs ashore to our north.  Similar to this past week.  Not the wind storm I was forecasting, but what actually happened.  The storm will stay to our north, and we will see moderate northwest breezes developing and a drop in day time highs.  Friday should be about 60F, and it will stick around there through the weekend and into next week.  But here is the news.  And take it with a grain of salt, as we are still about 5 or 6 days out.  That storm on Friday is to be followed by one on Monday, Wednesday and the following Saturday (16th).  Or so.  Remember, these long term models only can suggest trends as opposed to details.  Anyway, it looks like we start to see rain sometime between mid Monday and Tuesday, with it off and on through the 17th (and there is more suggested beyond that!)  All in all through the period we could be measuring the precipitation in inches.  So, yeah, baton down the hatches.  Get ready for winter.  And wax up those skis.  If this actually comes to pass, we could be looking at a good opening for the ski resorts this year.

Confidence is some sort of wet solution is fairly high right now.  A lot can happen over the next few days concerning timing and moisture content, but it would not hurt to get your house in order when you have time this week.  Check back here for more info.  Post will become more frequent as we approach the storms and live through them.  In the meantime, go for a surf this week.  It is looking pretty good out there.

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