Sunday, November 24, 2013

Things are looking up for the holiday.

Just a real short one today folks.  I need to get outside an play a little bit, as well as get a pumpkin roasting for my holiday pie and some chestnuts roasting (and peeled) for my holiday dressing.  Anyway, I just wanted to give you a heads up on where the weather is trending.  More of the same.  Low to mid 60s as a daytime high and low 40s as an early morning low.  At least for the next few days.  Kind of typical late November weather.  The storm that has been on the charts for the past few days is trending further and further west.  I'll take a look at the model runs the next few days and post up an changes, but if the trend continues with a western trajectory we might just see a continuation of the cool and dry weather that we are currently having.  Chances for any snow in the Sierra look pretty slim, and chances for rain on the coast are diminishing.  That is good news, right?

Main Beach, Santa Cruz.

No surf to speak of right now in the water.  Hell, it looks more like July out there.  I still have not done anything to replace my bike tube that burst in May (hey, I've been busy working in the yard whenever the surf goes flat), but with last week's rain I can only imagine the trails are lovely and tacky.  If that is not your thing, try a walk around UCSC farm. It has lovely views.  Whatever you find yourself doing, I hope you are getting outdoors.  The weather is quite fine.  And it looks like we may yet hold off on more rain.  Long term, things start to look wetter toward the end of the first week of December.  But we need to get a lot closer to that before we start forecasting.  Get out and enjoy Santa Cruz.

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