Monday, November 18, 2013

Rain Likely.

Another cool, and partially clear, autumn day today.  Not gonna warm up too much out there.  Just a quick update today, to say the forecast pretty much stands.  Here in Santa Cruz, Tuesday will begin partly cloudy, with showers passing through by evening.  Rain picks up overnight, with our heaviest precipitation falling during the early morning hours on Wednesday.  It will likely be a fairly rough commute.  Weather will not be particularly nasty, but you damn California drivers always seem how to forget to drive in the rain and screw the pooch on the first real rain storm.  Just saying.  Drive carefully, be considerate, and slow it down a touch.  You will all arrive safely that way.  Rain lightens through the day, with a final wave moving through in the evening and overnight.  This one looks to bullseye in Big Sur, so, with a bit of luck, it will be lighter up here.  Clearing on Thursday and a warm up for Friday and the weekend.  More on the weekend and coming coming holiday later this week.  Winds are not looking too strong with this system, but with the heavier rain, we could see some moderate southerly gust.  If anything changes significantly. you can be sure that I will be posting up here.

The lovely coast just north of town.

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