Saturday, November 16, 2013

Rain by Tuesday?

Okay folks, I know it may seem like I am beginning to just cry wolf, but we actually have three models somewhat in agreement for rain just 3 days out.  I think we can feel pretty sure that we will see at least a little something this coming week, so use your time wisely.  If you have gutters, and you still have not been up to take a look at them, please do, and clean them if they have leaves.  Here is the gist of things.  Cool, crisp weather continues through Monday, with highs in the low 60s.  A storm system will develop and move south along the coast reaching the northern Bay Area by mid day Tuesday.  Rain looks to spread south and west through the region over night into Wednesday morning.  Here is where the models don't align.  The GFS has us drying out through the day on Wednesday, with the others keeping us wet a bit longer.  The GFS has been progressing slightly wetter the past few runs.  No super storm, but we could see enough to get a foot of snow.  I'll watch how the models play out over the next 36 hours and give ya'll a better idea of what  to expect next week.  Who knows?  The way things have been going this fall, I would not be shocked if it all blew out to our north instead.  By Friday, high pressure bubbles back in and we could have a warm up for next weekend.

4 Mile Beach and the marine layer just off shore.

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