Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Um, yeah, so, okay....

Short one today, but it is mostly an illustration on on difficult it it is for the models to get a handle on the mid and long term as we go through seasonal changes.  For us here on the west coast, that is more of a summer moving to winter thing.  Generally, you can bet on excellent weather in the autumn, and in fact, more days than not during the winter are excellent as well.  But, and a big but here, when talking about the weather for beyond 80 hours from the current time, it is very hard to feel sure about things.  But, if you are like me, you like to know what the next weekend will look like by the previous Sunday evening.  I mean, most of the year, we have that kind of certainty.  So here is the rub.

Small waves are fun, too.  More at WaveStoke

Awesome weather this week.  A little breeze today.  Less so through the middle of the week.  Upper 60s to lower 70s here in town, warmest Wednesday.  But it stays pretty damn warm through the work week.  Increasing wind on Friday and into the start of the weekend as cooler air moves in.  Yesterday I said that the storm bringing said cooler air would remain north and east.  Today the GFS and Euro brings that storm through our area.  Not a bullseye, but wet for sure.  Wetter for Tahoe.  Keep posted.  I'll be doing my best to keep you informed here.  Looks like a quick one right now.

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