Wednesday, February 18, 2015

65/45 and more King Tide.

Winter months are the season for King Tides.  We have more on tap as of recent.  We come through the end of a cycle tomorrow.  Expect some high water late morning.  Slows down the waves some.  The new swell filled in very nicely from the WSW.  Kind of a perfect direction for a few select spots.  Otherwise, our weather is taking on a summer time glow.  Foggy mornings.  Sunny afternoons.  Northwest afternoon flow.  Actually, the flow is a bit stronger in the morning than a typical summer day, and not quite as blustery of an afternoon.  Nights are a bit cooler.  Lows in the mid 40s.  Days are a bit cooler.  Highs in the mid 60s.  Perhaps less fog as we move toward the weekend.  Actually, something is changing.  Just not so noticeable here.

Late day low tides are happening right now in town.  

That insane trough in the east, bombarding them with winter?  Well, it is slowly shifting west, and pushing our nice bubble of high pressure that way too.  Colder air is going to be moving in from the east.  It looks likely to get as far west as the Sierra.  The mid 50s of the past week or so will be dropping into the mid 30s by the weekend.  Night will be back into the 20s.  At least the snow pack will stop melting away.  They even good see some snow.  If anything, we might see some clouds.  Still a long way off before we see much in the form of precipitation.

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