Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dog Days of Summer.

Nothing like kicking around in your board shorts on a sunny, warm, summer afternoon.  Especially in February.  It actually felt hot when I drove along West Cliff this afternoon.  Of course, I later discovered I may have had the heat on.  Still, it was a very nice afternoon.  Swell, while maybe not pumping, is running.  Fun day out there.  That will drop over the next few days, with the next smaller one due to arrive on Wednesday.  Up in the Sierra, the corn snow has set up nicely, and the schussing is good late spring conditions.  Over the next few days, our temps will go the way of the waves.  A slight decrease.  Still warm.  Sunday the warmest.  By the start of the week, we will be back into the upper 60s.  Tuesday looks the coolest, then a slight rebound.  Offshore, or NE breeze in the mornings and light NW sea breeze in the afternoon.  Stars out, and an early morning low in the upper 40s. Ultimately, some very enjoyable weather out there. Until when?

Surf was pumping on Friday.  Santa Cruz.

Well, I did say my gut told me March.  That does not look improbable.  At least through the next seven days, that about sums it up.  Or maybe ten days.  Or 14.  My gut also tells me we are in for some cold storms.  Science could suggest it.  I think the trough in the east will sit west to displace the high.  And allow some coldness to dip south.  Fantasies.  For now, enjoy the dog days of summer.

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