Thursday, February 26, 2015

Not a drought reliever, but, there will be rain.

Confidence pretty high at this point that we will see some rain here in the county starting sometime on Friday night, likely well after night fall.  Yippee!!  We are looking at a tenth or two of an inch here in town.  A bit over a quarter inch in the local mountains.  The Tahoe are Sierra Crest and points south are looking at 3/4 to an inch or more of precipitation.  SoCal coastal mountains should get over an inch, with a over a half inch in the L.A. basin.  In fact, the swath of California that is deepest in drought right now, will see the biggest dose of rain.  Kind of cool.  Though, it won't be enough to make much of a budge.  Perhaps we will take a look at the drought after these storms.  Things have improved this winter thus far, but not nearly enough.

If you have a winter garden going, you may not need to water it this coming week.  

Cooler air moves in tomorrow, although, the morning will start off quite warm with the increase in cloud cover. Town could start off about 50F, and warm to just the low 60s.  Clouds increase through the day Friday, as does a northwest breeze.  Maybe some drizzle effect during the afternoon, but I don't expect much for rain until after midnight.  Rain, and mountain snow, for the interior should begin earlier.  With that cooler air, Saturday will begin chilly, in the mid 40s.  Not any cooler than it has been.  But we should have some rain showers by then, so it will feel colder.  The rain is looking squally in nature, and some of these squalls could develop thunder and hail.  Could be a fun one.  Showers continue into the afternoon and evening, and should break sometime Saturday evening.  Clouds begin to break by Sunday morning, and that could set us up for a cold morning in the low 40s down near the ocean.  And here is the cool thing.  Some of the peaks in the Santa Lucia could have a dusting of snow on them by Sunday morning, so when you get out near the water, look south.  Low 60s in the afternoon.  Monday remains on the crisper side, but also looks dry.  We see a chance for more rain by later on Monday.  This second system is modeled to move in further east, so we may remain dry.

Looks like we are back to a dry pattern for a bit after Tuesday.  Maybe even a warming trend by Thursday.  A lot of the different forecasting tools are suggesting a change to a wetter pattern around the 10th of the month, but that is still 12 days away, so yeah, not holding any breath.  So, for now, some rain on the way.  Tidy up the yard if you have not already.  Make some rainy day plans for Saturday.  It won't be particularly heavy, so you can play outside if you have some decent rain gear.  Maybe a chance of a second shot on Tuesday, otherwise, mostly dry.  So it looks like my prediction a ways back was wrong.  I said we would need o wait until March for more more rain, and it looks like we will get some on the 28th.  Off by a day.

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