Monday, March 2, 2015

It is finally starting to feel like early winter in the Sierra.  Snow is falling for the third day in a row along the Sierra Crest.  Even the top of the Palm Springs Tram has the start of a snow pack.  We are still way behind on water for the state, but it sure is nice to see some colder temps allowing for mid elevation snow.  If you are headed out to ski, just be aware that many sun exposed slopes are bare under that fresh blanket of powder.  Be careful out there.  As for us down here on the coast, today we will mostly see some passing clouds.  Perhaps a few of you in the right locations in the coastal mountains may see a passing sprinkle.  Actually, showers, when they do form, should be pretty squally, just like on Saturday.  And as on Saturday, those clouds are going off out there.  Sunset last night along Ridge Road near Jackson was off the hook.  And I rarely use that phrase.  I suspect tonight should be just as much of a glorious show of light.  Get some.

Thunder Bowl is looking fun.  And perhaps a touch thin.  Still, new snow is much appreciated.

Chance of showers dissipates overnight.  Low 40s in the early morning, with clouds clearing through the day.  Highs move back into the mid 60s.  We should be mostly clear by Tuesday evening, and that will help keep the lows hanging down in the low 40s.  High temps will build through the week, as we see high pressure build.  Upper 60s by mid week, and likely hanging out in that range.  But, yeah, it is March, so that higher sun angle is going to make things feel nice and warm.  Nice through the weekend, with a slight chance of hitting the 70s.  But nice, fair, and clear looks near certain.

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