Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kind of holding steady...

Highs in the upper 60s, lows in the upper 40s.  For ever.  Some coastal marine layer developing over the night time hours.  Pretty much on the southern edge of the bay this morning, not really effecting us much in Santa Cruz.  Some high clouds.  It is not as if we just have a dominant high on he entire west coast knocking down any low pressure that dares approach.  No, not that.  Lows are pushing into the PNW, bringing some significant rain fall.  Perhaps, even some little precipitation falling in the Sierra and the northwest corner of the state.  Not here.  Here will have highs in the upper 60s, and lows int the upper 40s.  But not forever.  Not really.  Just kind of feels that way sometimes.

Lazy Sunday.  Wilder Ranch SP.

A few days ago the models suggested some light precip making better inroads into the state on Wednesday and again this coming weekend.  Colder air was supposed to accompany that second one.  And while the upper elevations (like above 8000') will drop from highs in the 50s, to highs in the mid 40s, we will likely see little difference on the coast.  The cold air spills down to our east.  The central valley will drop from highs in the mid to upper 70s to the low 70s.  So, yeah, we could see the cold air spill on us as well.  But it does not look like that will happen.  Could be a nice five days of very moderate weather.  Early next week, we could see a system try to dive down the coast at us, but confidence is very low at this point.

I guess the most significant weather feature this week for us on the coast is the strong spring wind developing on the water today.   West cliff should have a solid WNW flow this afternoon.  Up to 25 knots on the open coast.  Good solid wind for those with kites or sails.  Not much swell on the water, but those winds will whip up some local waves, and a small mid period swell is due to arrive from the WNW.  Nothing special, but as those local breezes back off Thursday, the surf should be in the fun range.  Maybe even building a bit for the weekend.  Next chance for wet weather looks to be next Monday or beyond.  Enjoy the nice parts of drought.

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