Sunday, March 8, 2015

At least there is some weather to speak of.

Beautiful out there this weekend.  Next weekend, as it stands now, looks even nicer.  The stuff in between is really just enough to peak one's interest.  Nothing exciting or dramatic.  That fog that was out there just at about daybreak this morning might wish to stick around a touch longer tomorrow.  And that will keep the air a touch cooler.  Some clouds will begin to fill the sky on Monday.  More clouds in the evening and through Tuesday.  Mid 60s for a high.  High pressure gets displaced east that evening, as a low rides over to our north.  Sprinkles for the day Wednesday.  Really light stuff.  Maybe a tenth of an inch in the local mountains.  Less along the coast.  Best chances are in the afternoon and evening on Wednesday.  What is kind of interesting is an Atmospheric River does loot to be forming, but it is pointed well north of us.  Someone should get some rain from this system.  We are looking at just a slight chance of some slight showers.  Will let ya know if that adjusts.

Feeling spring like out there.  The winter garden thrives.

Wednesday will be coolish, with low 60s, southwest breezes, clouds and moisture.  But by Wednesday, we will be mostly sunny and back pushing up through the mid 60s with 70s, yup 70s, by the weekend.  That high just seems to get pumped up by the next system up stream that will be sitting out north of Hawaii.  So, another dry spell to follow.  Of course, things are looking pretty wet about 10 days out, but we know what those forecasts are worth.  Still, will continue to watch and pray for rain.

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