Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Toying with ya.

At least things are getting more and more interesting.  Now, that does not mean we are expecting much in the way of an actual weather event that is well deserved in being reported on.  Just a little more interesting than bland.  Sticking with those upper 60s, upper 40s, though.  Just enough in the way of cloud cover to keep the sunsets real.  Not much in the way of precip on the radar.  Very slight chance of light high elevation showers and thunder, with a slightly greater chance in the very north west of the state.  Just clouds and some breezes for us.  Clearer on Thursday.  Cloudier again on Friday as a second system moves through mostly to our north.  Cooler air moves over the Sierra, and through the Central Valley.  Cooler, not cold.  We stay the same.  Through Sunday.  Some nice mild weather for those of us here in Santa Cruz.  Lovely.

Surf is building back up.  Still on the junky side, but improving from yesterday.

The interesting part is the active pattern that we are now seeing.  Yes, it is to our north.  But, yes, it is not just a big happy high sitting fat.  In fact, we may even see some southerly incursion by next week. Maybe.  If we are lucky.  We certainly do need the water, quite badly.  Best scenario, by next Monday, we see rain moving as far south as Big Sur, and a little deeper south into the Sierra.  Wow.  That would be fine.  That is the best case scenario, though.  And nothing for the south.  Just a decent jog north, and we could see no rain for the state at all.  So, as it stands right now, we are hoping for rain in five days.  As it looks now, just some light to moderate showers arriving early Monday morning, and clearing out by Monday evening.  Some lingering to our north and east through mid day Tuesday.  Will update as we move closer.

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