Sunday, March 22, 2015

Desperation sets in.

Ever get excited about a little drizzle?  We are.  Should make for a quality hike in the redwoods later today.  I hate kicking up dust.  If you need a reminder that things are bad, go for a mountain bike ride next weekend.  In Tahoe.  Not only are the trails dry, but word on the hill is that they are dusty.  At least the moisture arriving this evening should dampen the first centimeter of ground or so.  High peaks up on the crest will likely see a few inches of snow.  Not nearly enough to stave off the melt.  We need a four foot dump or so to save the season.  Sierra-at-Tahoe is closed down, and Sugarbowl closes after today.  Kirkwood is closing down the backside, along with chairs 1 and 11.  Rumor has it the Squaw is closing down in the next few weeks.  Kirkwood is aiming to stay open through till the official close date of April 19th.  Good luck.  What ever there was of winter, it is now over.  Welcome to spring.  Just look outside.  It feels almost like summer.

This kind of light will not be around much longer.  Get it while it lasts.

Foggy morning today will give way to clouds later.  Not expecting much in the realm of clearing.  Radar looks clear locally, but off the NorCal coast, two distinct bands of rain are headed toward the northwest portion of the state.  We mights see a light band or two of showers tonight dragging along the southern edge of the system.  Mostly, though, things stay well to our north.  Slightly greater chance for a few inches above 8000 feet in the Sierra from Route 4 north.  Shasta and Lassen should fair better, and really are the last hopes of this ski season.  Clouds should clear out of here fairly early on Monday, but plan for a grey and damp morning.  Today we will barely break into the low 60s.  Back up to the upper 60s by Tuesday, low 70s by Wednesday, and perhaps some real warmth to finish out the work week.  With the storm moving through on Monday, the wind will be pretty light.  Then, moderate northwest winds usher in high pressure Tuesday and Wednesday.  As that high pressure centers on us, and warms us up, Thursday and Friday will be quite pleasant.  Think beach weather.  The coming weekend cools slightly, as more storms move through to our north.  Could stay in the 70s though.  Bye-bye snowpack.

Speaking of which, if you want to play in the snow this winter, make some time in the next few weeks.  And while that snowpack is thin, and the conditions slushy, it is still plenty fun out there.  My son and I recently had our biggest day ever together.  We must have hit the terrain park five or six times.  A wipeout on the second jump is what basically sent us in for the day.  He was ultimately pretty damned stoked.  But yeah, that snow is going fast.  Get it while it lasts.  At least the surf is starting to come back to life, with a boost in the WNW swell on Monday, and a good chance for some solid combo swell arriving next weekend.  Pair that with some warm and calm weather and you have the makings of some fine beach life.

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