Thursday, March 12, 2015

All over the place.

Let's start by me sharing how stoked I was Wednesday morning with getting the forecast wrong.  Hell, my end of post edit suggested that my gut felt like there would be rain.  But, alas, I went with those scientific models that suggested there would not be rain.  Turns out it rained nicely for a few hours on Wednesday morning.  Not much more than a tenth of inch recorded here in town.  Just enough to moisten the soil.  I even saw a few puddles form.  It was rich.  Rain broke before noon, and the sun busted out soon after.  Now everyone is getting progressive.  That big solid high pressure we thought would build up on us actually may have a few invaders.  Probably won't bring us rain here in Santa Cruz, but it will keep things from warming up too much.

Got to love that late winter light.

Friday still on track to be awesome.  Expect upper 60s and light winds, along with some coastal morning fog.  Looks like a good surf day with some south combo in the water.  Saturday will be a touch warmer, but barely crossing into the 70s.  And get this.  With increasing clouds later in the day, as a fairly wet system begins to move ashore near the CA/OR border.  Maybe some light rain for Lake Tahoe, and a few inches of upper elevation snow.  We should get by with just some clouds.  Del Norte county could be looking at another inch plus of precipitation.  Net effect for us is to send us back into the upper 60s.  We should stay there through at least mid week, when another northern system could send us more clouds.  Monday and Tuesday should be pretty damn sunny though.  I'll take a look at next week over the next few days, and will be sure to let you know if that Sunday system begins to trend further south.  Otherwise, get out there and an enjoy the beach the next few days.  Tides are out mid day, making for some great beach combing and tide pooling.

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