Tuesday, March 10, 2015


There was a moment on Tuesday where the models began to get more progressive, but it was brief.  Recessive is more like it.  While it sure feels like it is going to rain out there, and the clouds looked like rain was coming, the most recent run of the models suggest just a very slight chance of slight drizzle.  Even for the local mountains.  So, if we are lucky, we could see a tenth of an inch, but more likely we will be measuring in hundredths.  Even the Sierra near Tahoe is expecting just an inch or two of snow.  The bulk of the system is north of us.  Well north.  Still, we should see some much needed rain in the northern fringe of the state.  High pressure moves in right behind this system, and by Thursday morning, the sky should be clearing, and the warmth will build in.  The low 60s of Wednesday will become upper 60s on Thursday, 70F by Friday and the low 70s for this coming weekend.  Beach weather is returning, so there is icing on the cake.

Evenings at the beach will be quite nice this weekend.

I am kind of tired at looking at the models beyond 5 days.  They have been pretty damn unreliable.  The ten day outlook is even worse.  But, hey, maybe a chance of light rain developing late next week, and serious undercutting of the high pressure the second half of the month.  So there is that to keep an eye on.  I'm getting my summer seeds going and starting to work the soil.  I'm thinking I best be prepared for an early planting.  If it is not going to rain, I mind as well have ripe tomatoes by July.

Before I close, I should mention the radar is picking up precipitation just off shore and to our west.  Maybe that feeling I had in the yard this afternoon was accurate.   Maybe we will get a touch of rain.  Maybe the models should have shifted south.  Maybe.

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