Tuesday, March 3, 2015

On Track.

Forecast is pretty much on track, so no real changes from yesterday's posts.  Just a few more details to point out perhaps.  The afternoon temps should warm into the upper 60s tomorrow, and they should stay there, with a slight peak around Saturday.  Don't see any real 70s coming, as another low pressure is primed to push ashore early to mid next week, and that will keep the high from warming up too much.  With a little luck, we could be in for another round of storms later next week.  Early morning lows will also be on a rise through the week, but they don't peak in the short term and will rise into the upper 40s by Tuesday.  After Saturday, the highs will only dip slightly and be in the mid 60s early next week.  Nothing too exciting.  I don't even see any encroaching marine layer at this time.  It is a little breezy out of the north west today, and that kind of feels spring like, but that should back off tonight, with a lighter wind regime in place for the next five days or so.  Maybe slightly offshore in the morning, maybe slightly onshore in the afternoons.  A nice off season south west swell is filling in today.  Could be fun out there the next few mornings at you favorite summer breaks.  Go figure.

It was fun to play in the snow on Sunday.  Heard it was even better Monday.  Kirkwood.

By Wednesday of next week, we could be in for a pattern change.  A lot is up in the air, but it looks pretty certain that a large low pressure system will push onshore around that time.  It could go north of us, or we could be on its southern edge, or we could even see it go right on top of us.  Better yet, it could drive storms, over what ever region it targets, for several days.  Even better, it could bust open the door in that high pressure that has so well deflected lesser systems over the past few years.  Don't we deserve an Miracle March?  Tell you what.  The fact that this current building high pressure is not looking to pump up too much warmth suggest to me that it is winter and not spring.  That last system was the coldest this season.  Keep tuned.  You can never know what Mother Nature has in mind for you.  In the meantime, enjoy some more splendid Central Coast weather.  And pray for rain.

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